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i-depend-on-jesusFORGIVENESS is the source and the rock of those who share their lives: to forgive each day, to forgive and forgive and forgive, and to be forgiven just as many times …… 

Forgiveness is the cement that bonds us together: it is the source of unity; it is the quality of love; that draws togetherness out of separation. Forgiveness is understanding and holding the pain of another; it is compassion. Forgiveness is the acceptance of our own brokenness, yours and mine. Forgiveness is letting go of unrealistic expectations of others and of the desire that they be other than they are. Forgiveness is liberating others to be themselves, not making them feel guilty for what may have been. Forgiveness is to help people  flower, bear fruit, and discover their own beauty …… 

Forgiveness is to follow Jesus, to be like Him, for He came to give…

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